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Tea Tree

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Tea Tree

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Gather Flora's Tea Tree from Sea Bar Ranch & Nursery is a stunning showcase of nature's beauty, featuring delicate pink blossoms that add a burst of color and charm. This Tea Tree bunch, with its slender branches and vibrant flowers, brings a fresh, aromatic presence to any space. It is perfect for creating floral arrangements that stand out or for adding a natural and elegant touch to your home decor. Sourced from Sea Bar Ranch and Nursery, it reflects a commitment to quality and natural splendor.

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Gather Flora
San Francisco, CA
Gather Flora, a San Francisco-based flower company founded in 2021 by Hannah Brannan, specializes in connecting regional flower farms with local markets. They focus on organic, chemical-free, and seasonal blooms, adhering to California's strict farming standards. Working with over 120 farms, Gather Flora is committed to making sustainable, locally-grown flowers a major part of the flower industry's supply chain.Read more