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"Cosmos is one of my favorite feta-style cheeses! It's the perfect summer cheese! Make a melon or stonefruit salad, mix in some prosciutto, and top with some Cosmos! It's goes with all the summer seasonal fruits and veggies!" - Erin, Grocery Buyer

Cosmos is a raw sheep milk Feta-style cheese, brined aged for 2 months. Rich and tangy, with a creaminess that stands up to the salty brine. Use it on salads, pasta, roasted vegetables, pizza--anything that needs a little something!

Ingredients: Raw Sheep milk, salt, rennet, cultures.

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Garden Variety Cheese
Royal Oaks
Garden Variety Cheese is a small farmstead cheese business based out of Northern Monterey County on 40 acre Monkeyflower Ranch.Read more