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Frog Hollow Farm

Organic Mulberries (Frozen)

10 oz
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Organic Mulberries (Frozen)

Product Details

One 10oz bag (Frozen)

Frog Hollow Farm’s Organic Mulberries come from the heart of a sustainable orchard, frozen at peak ripeness to lock in their sweet flavor and nutritional bounty. Renowned for their versatility, these mulberries can be transformed into fine wine, refreshing juice, or a soothing tea. They also excel as a natural sweetener in jams or can be simply enjoyed dried as a nutritious snack. With their rising popularity, these organic fruits are a testament to the farm's commitment to legendary fruits and wholesome, organically grown produce.

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Frog Hollow Farm
Brentwood, CA
We produce legendary delicious organic fruit using environmentally sustainable practices. We celebrate its unique place, draws strength from its people, embraces its local market and nourishes its larger community.Read more