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Fresh Vintage Farms

Pure Cold-Pressed California Walnut Oil


375 ml
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Pure Cold-Pressed California Walnut Oil

Product Details

375 ml bottle

Fresh Vintage Farms' Pure Cold-Pressed California Walnut Oil is crafted from top-quality walnuts in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. This oil enhances any dish with its rich, nutty essence and smooth finish. Not just flavorful, it's a treasure trove of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Perfect for dressing salads, enriching baked goods, or as a unique marinade, it's cold-pressed from fresh, sustainably-farmed walnuts, offering a pure, unrefined experience that celebrates eco-conscious farming with every drizzle. Great on salads, baking, marinades and beyond.

Ingredients: Walnut oil

Contains: Tree nuts (walnut).

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About The Producer

Fresh Vintage Farms
Turlock, CA
Fresh Vintage Farms specializes in crafting premium cold-pressed artisan oils from locally sourced tree nuts in California's Central Valley. Focused on old-fashioned quality with innovative approaches, our oils are made using whole, edible nuts, ensuring exceptional taste and maximum nutritional value. Proudly rooted in Turlock, CA, we embrace sustainable practices and support local agriculture.Read more