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Sliced Genoa Salame

2.5 oz
Sliced Genoa Salame

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Fra'Mani's Sliced Genoa Salame offers a modern take on the classic American Genoa. Crafted from a coarser grind of 100% prime-cut pork, this salame forgoes the usual beef/pork combination, embracing a richer pork profile. It's expertly seasoned with a balanced mix of spices, including a perfectly measured hint of nutmeg, and is sliced to an ideal thickness for maximum enjoyment.

Ingredients: Pork, and contains 2% or less of sea salt, cultured celery powder, dextrose, wine, spices, garlic, rosemary extract, and lactic acid starter

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Fra' Mani Handcrafted Foods
Berkeley, CA
Hand-crafted dry salami, cooked salumi and pancetta from Curemaster Paul Bertolli, locally produced and sustainably sourced.Read more