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Mattinata Breakfast Sausage

8.5 oz
Mattinata Breakfast Sausage

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Fra'Mani Mattinata Breakfast Sausage offers a versatile breakfast delight, perfect not just for the morning meal but enjoyable at any time. This breakfast sausage is expertly seasoned with salt, pepper, red chili pepper, and a hint of sage, providing a balanced and inviting flavor profile. Crafted from prime cuts of fresh pork that are coarse-ground and encased in natural casings, each sausage is then smoked over natural fruitwood to enhance its taste.

It pairs wonderfully with Prosecco, poached eggs, and rich Fontina cheese, making it a staple for a gourmet breakfast experience. For a unique serving suggestion, try it on a miniature fluffy homemade biscuit with sliced Mattinata Sausage and a delicate quail egg for a delightful one-bite excursion.

Ingredients: pork, water, and contains 2% or less of sea salt, dextrose, celery powder, spices, red chili pepper, and spice extractivces (from sage and capsicum), in sheep casing.

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