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Four Sigmatic

Protect Organic Mushroom Blend

2.12 oz
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Protect Organic Mushroom Blend

Product Details

2.12 oz can

10 of the finest functional mushrooms unite in the high-dose (1500 mg) Protect Organic Mushroom Blend by Four Sigmatic, designed to bolster your immunity and support cognitive function. A caffeine-free blend that transforms your morning coffee or smoothie into a holistic wellness ritual.

Ingredients: Reishi Dual Extract, Chaga Dual Extract, Cordyceps Dual Extract, Lion's Mane Dual Extract, Enokitake Dual Extract, Maitake Dual Extract, Shiitake Dual Extract, Tremella Dual Extract, Agaricus Dual Extract, Meshima Dual Extract, Rose hips

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About The Producer

Four Sigmatic
Venica, CA
Four Sigmatic, spearheaded by Tero Isokauppila, is a trailblazing mental wellness and performance company that has revolutionized the global mushroom movement. Drawing on a rich family history of foraging real foods in Finland, Tero melds tradition and innovation. Armed with degrees in Chemistry, Business, and Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, his vision is to integrate functional mushrooms into everyday American favorites like coffee and protein. Over a decade of dedication has elevated Four Sigmatic to the number one brand for mushroom coffee and protein. Tero's expertise in nutrition, mushrooms, and adaptogens extends beyond product creation; he's authored three best-sellers, recognized as one of the world's Top 50 Food Activists by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and featured in acclaimed publications. As a sought-after speaker, he shares his wisdom at influential events. Tero divides his time between Austin, TX, and his family farm in Finland, continuing to lead Four Sigmatic's mission to enhance mental well-being and performance through the magic of functional mushrooms.Read more