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Force of Nature

Grass-Fed Bison Ribeye Steak (Frozen)

10 oz
Grass-Fed Bison Ribeye Steak (Frozen)

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Force of Nature's Grass-Fed Regenerative Bison Ribeye Steak is a distinguished choice for steak lovers, offering tenderness and a rich flavor that's unique to grass-fed bison. Enhanced through a detailed 21-day aging process, the steak achieves a superior texture and taste. For the best preparation, grilling or pan-frying it on a cast iron skillet to rare or medium-rare is recommended, allowing you to savor its distinctive flavor.

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Force of Nature
Austin, TX
Force of Nature, a company deeply rooted in regenerative agriculture, collaborates with a global network of land stewards, ranchers, and farmers. Their mission is to create a positive environmental impact and revolutionize the agricultural system by restoring regenerative practices.Read more