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Forager Project

Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream


12 oz
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Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream

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12 oz

Forager's Dairy Free Sour Cream is made from coconut & cashew milk, creating a tangy taste and creamy texture. It is filled with probiotics that help support the gut. This sour cream will add an extra sour kick to any dish. Eat it just like regular sour cream - in dips, on tacos, or when baking.

Ingredients: coconut & cashewmilk (filtered water, coconut cream*, cashews*), tapioca starch*, sea salt, pectin, distilled vinegar*, lactic acid, locust bean gum*, tricalcium phosphate, agar, live active cultures (s. thermophilous, l. bulgarcious, l. acidophilious, bifidus, l. lactis, l. plantarum).

Contains: tree nuts (including coconut).

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Forager Project
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