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Dayri Dates

8 oz
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Dayri Dates

Product Details

Dayri has a wonderful deep flavor, similar to molasses. It takes a few seconds for the sugar to hit your senses, but after it does, you’ll notice a deepening complexity with every passing second. They are slightly less sweet than Medjhools, so you can enjoy a handful of them.  Pop them in your mouth with a few almonds for a delicious treat.

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About The Producer

Flying Disc Ranch
Thermal, CA
Robert and Chistina Kelso practice Eco-Dynamic farming, with roots in permaculture, biodynamics, and organic growing methods. They take great pride in the way they care for the earth and in the high quality, delicious fruits they produce. From their farm in Thermal, CA, they distribute directly to many northern California farmers markets as well as to small grocery stores and restaurants.Read more