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Flamingo Estate

California Native Mountain Wildflower Honey


19.5 oz
California Native Mountain Wildflower Honey

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Antioxidant rich, with powerful plant compounds from the nectar of native California Wildflowers found in the Los Angeles Mountains. This unique forage imbues the Honey with a deeply complex floral taste and a deliciously herbal finish on the palate. 100% raw unfiltered Honey with nothing added but love and sunshine.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey

*Not Suitable For Infants Under 12 Months of Age

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About The Producer

Flamingo Estate
Los Angeles, CA
Flamingo Estate, perched atop the hills of Los Angeles, is a sanctuary of pleasure, folk mythologies, and psychedelic remedies. Cultivated by trusted farmers and a network of friends, it's a place where the harvest includes sage for soap, tomatoes for candles, salt from Big Sur cliffs, olive oil from ancient trees, and honey from resident bees. Rooted in the pursuit of pleasure, Flamingo Estate sees it as a transformative force leading to radical change and cataclysmic beauty.Read more