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Florist's Choice Organic Hydrangea

1 bunch
Florist's Choice Organic Hydrangea

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Approx. 7-10 stems per bunch, 18-30" tall
Hydrangea is an impactful cut flower that has a long vase life. The blooms are composed of many tiny flowers clustered together in large bunches that sit atop a sturdy stem. They are native to most of Asia and the Americas and are a popular plant in landscaping. Especially when it comes to certain varieties that are affected by aluminum ions in the soil that can cause variations in shades ranging from blues to pinks. Make sure to change and cut the stems regularly to increase longevity. Note that sometimes hydrangea can wilt if proper care is not taken, if this happens, do not toss them. There are ways to revive the flower. Submerge them in a container of water for about 45 minutes. Then re-cut and place the stems into boiling water and then back into a vase of fresh water. They should be refreshed in a matter of hours and live another day or two.

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