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Premium Creamy Pistachio Butter

10.5 oz
Premium Creamy Pistachio Butter

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Fiddyment Farms Premium Creamy Pistachio Butter is a pure, sumptuous spread made entirely from 100% pistachios. Through a special milling process, we've achieved an ultra-smooth and richly creamy butter that integrates seamlessly into yogurt parfaits, smoothies, or oatmeal. Its versatility shines in the kitchen, enhancing recipes with that distinct, pure pistachio flavor. Whether paired with select cheeses, fresh fruit or whisked into a distinctive vinaigrette, the culinary possibilities are limitless. This pistachio butter is a true staple for any pantry, promising to elevate your dishes with its unique taste and creamy texture.

Ingredients: Pistachios
Contains: Tree nuts (pistachios).

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Fiddyment Farms
Roseville, CA
Fiddyment Farms has been in the business of growing pistachios since 1968 in Roseville CA, just 20 minutes northeast of Sacramento.Read more