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Ferments + Flour

Ferments + Flour

I'm here to offer some of my favorite things in the world: fermented foods and baked goods! They may seem like polar opposite food groups, but the same thought goes into both. I'm inspired by nature and the seasons, as well as unique and bizarre flavors. I prefer my products to be simply organic, completely homemade, and as local as can be - like stepping right out to my garden. It's also important to me to eliminate food waste, and utilizing everything available. These products are a reflection of my food beliefs and values, and how I would like food to be at its best!

Email me if you have any questions or comments about the products, or even if you have any suggestions! One thing I love more than cooking and baking is chatting, and after all, my main goal is to make everyone happy and nourished through my food!

Sorry, products from this producer are no longer available.

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