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Farmhouse Culture

Organic Garlic Dill Pickle Probiotic Gut Shot


16 fl oz
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Organic Garlic Dill Pickle Probiotic Gut Shot

Product Details

For anyone who has ever shamelessly enjoyed the juice at the bottom of the pickle jar, this is the Gut Shot for you. A zesty combination of fresh garlic and dill with that oh so comforting taste of homemade pickles. A convenient way to keep your gut healthy and well balanced, Farmhouse Culture cold presses fermented organic veggies capturing their vibrant juices brimming with live active cultures. Trust your gut and take a shot. You’ll immediately notice a spring in your step, a lift in your spirits and a twinkle in your eyes. 

Not just for shooting or sipping, we love experimenting with Gut Shots in our daily cooking routine. Drizzle over rice and steamed veggies, create tangy salad dressings, add complexity to your Bloody Mary recipe, or give your morning smoothie a probiotic boost. 

Recommend consumption: 2-5 shots per day. 10+ shots per bottle. 

Ingredients: cabbage*, water, distilled vinegar*, sea salt, garlic*, dill*, coriander*, cinnamon*, all spice*, ginger*, chili pepper* (*organic).

Contains the live and active probiotic cultures. L. Plantarum and L. Brevis. These naturally occurring probiotic cultures are from raw fermented plant foods.

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Farmhouse Culture
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inspired by the idea of regional Slow Foods, our founder Kathryn Lukas began exploring and developing unique hybrid sauerkraut and kimchi recipes using locally sourced organic ingredients.Read more