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Organic Classic Caraway Kraut

16 oz
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Organic Classic Caraway Kraut

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The best for your wurst! Our Classic Kraut is the condiment your sausage has been craving, packed with great tangy flavor and crunch. Made with organic cabbage, sea salt and a touch of caraway, it’s hand-packed straight from the barrel the old-fashioned way. Never heated, never canned, so it never gets soggy!  And, like all our krauts, it’s loaded with beneficial enzymes, probiotic bacteria, and fabulous flavor.

Great with sausages or hot dogs (works great with tofu dogs, too!), on pastrami sandwiches, as part of a charcuterie or salami platter of European-style cold cuts, with rye bread and cheddar cheese, or simply by itself.

Ingredients: cabbage*, water, sea salt, caraway* (*organic).

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Farmhouse Culture
Santa Cruz
inspired by the idea of regional Slow Foods, our founder Kathryn Lukas began exploring and developing unique hybrid sauerkraut and kimchi recipes using locally sourced organic ingredients.Read more