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1970's Lager

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1970's Lager

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Faction Brewing 1970s Lager captures the essence of a past era with its super light and crisp character. This dad lager, brewed with corn, offers a thin body and a refreshing finish, making it the ultimate choice for easy sipping. Pouring a crystal clear pale yellow, it showcases a fizzy foamy white head and subtle carbonation. Aromas of cereal grain malts, a hint of corn sweetness, and lager yeast lead the way to flavors of bready malts, gentle corn sweetness, and faint grassy hops that contribute a subtle bitterness. With its light body and moderate carbonation, this lager concludes with a clean, crisp finale, bringing back the nostalgic charm of the 1970s.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Flaked Maize, Yeast

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Faction Brewing
Alameda, CA
Faction Brewing is a product of the marriage (literally) of employees of two local Alameda breweries. They offer a wide variety of pales, IPAs, Belgians, porters and stouts, as well as the occasional barrel-aged beer.Read more