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Evolution Fresh

Organic Defense Up Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie

15.2 fl oz
Organic Defense Up Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie

Product Details

Evolution Fresh's Organic Defense Up® is a vibrant blend of bright citrus and tropical fruits, designed not just for its refreshing taste but also for its Vitamin C boost. This satisfying smoothie is perfect for those looking to energize their day and support their immune system. Enjoy it as a morning kickstart or an afternoon pick-me-up to refresh and revitalize your senses.
Ingredients: Organic juice (orange, apple, mango puree, pineapple, acerola cherry puree, lemon).

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About The Producer

Evolution Fresh
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Evolution Fresh offers a distinctive line of cold-pressed juices that capture the essence of fresh fruits and vegetables. Through a meticulous cold-pressing process, each bottle of Evolution Fresh juice preserves the purity, nutrition, and authentic flavors of its ingredients. With no added colors or artificial flavors, Evolution Fresh provides a super nutritious, deliciously pure beverage option, designed to bring a drop more joy to every moment.Read more