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Zest Hard Cider

16 fl oz
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Zest Hard Cider

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One 16 fl oz can

Ethic Ciders' Zest is a vibrant and invigorating cider that captures the essence of spring with its bright and energetic flavors. Crafted on a foundation of heirloom apples, this delightful cider comes to life with the addition of fresh, organic blood orange and tangerine zest from the peels. To enhance the experience, dried sweetbriar rosehips are soaked, creating a sparkling, dry, and zesty cider with a real burst of citrus flavor. Sip and savor the refreshing taste of Ethic Cider Zest, a true gem among ciders that brings a lively twist to any occasion.

Ingredients: DRY Cider With Zest Of Blood Orange, Tangerine and Rose Hips

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Ethic Ciders
Sebastopol, CA
Ethic Ciders grows , ferments, and bottles dry orchard- based ciders made from 100% organic fruit grown on land that is sustainably-farmed.Read more