Essex Street Cheese

Essex Manchego Wedge

8 oz
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Essex Manchego Wedge

Product Details

8 oz

Transport your taste buds to Spain with Essex Manchego, a farmstead PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Manchego artesano made with natural rind, just like the cheese enjoyed by Don Quixote himself. Crafted by one of the few remaining Spanish cheesemakers, this authentic Manchego carries the Spanish government's seal of approval. The clean aroma of hay and almonds emanates from the unwaxed, natural rind, while the cheese delights with its nutty and slightly tangy flavor. Pair it with quince paste, Marcona almonds, and a glass of Tempranillo for an authentic Spanish experience.

Ingredients: Raw sheep’s milk, salt, animal rennet, cultures, lysozyme

Contains: milk.

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Essex Street Cheese
New York, NY
Essex Street Cheese is a distinguished brand that specializes in exceptional European cheeses. With a passion for quality and authenticity, they curate a select collection of iconic cheeses sourced directly from esteemed cheesemakers and agers. By sharing the stories and knowledge behind each cheese, they empower customers to fully enjoy their cheese experience.Read more