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Cravero San Pietro Parmigiano Reggiano

8 oz
Cravero San Pietro Parmigiano Reggiano

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Made by Massimo Libra at the Caseificio Sociale San Pietro, latterie no. 2659 in Benedello, among the Apennine hills, south of Modena. Awarded the Prodotto di Montagna, a designation of Parmigiano-Reggiano reserved for the handful of cheeses made from the milk of cows whose forage comes from the mountains. Selected and matured by Giorgio Cravero’s century and a half old firm in the town of Bra in Piemonte. This is an exceptionally smooth, creamy cheese, with a moist texture interspersed with the satisfying crunch of the tyrosine crystals. It is not dry, chalky or grainy.

Ingredients: Raw cow's milk, salt, rennet, cultures

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