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Equal Exchange

Ten Organic & Fair Trade Hass Avocados (Mexico)

10 count
$4.79 / lb

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Ten Organic & Fair Trade Hass Avocados (Mexico)

Product Details

Approx. 0.5 lb per avocado
The Hass is the most popular avocado in the United States due to its high production, amazing flavor, and thick, durable skin.  These avocados will turn black when ripe and should yield slightly to the touch.

These Hass Avocados were grown and Fair Trade Certified by Equal Exchange in La Colonia Los Angeles de Uruapan, in Michoacan, Mexico. They were brought to us by our trusted distributor Earl's Organic Produce .

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About The Producer

Equal Exchange
West Bridgewater, MA
Equal Exchange is a worker–owned cooperative that has been leading the authentic Fair Trade movement and creating big change since 1986. We believe in a fair and honest trade system that empowers both farmers and consumers, and with your help, we are creating a more equitable, democratic, and sustainable world.Read more