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Case of Organic & Fair Trade Bananas (Ecuador)

40 lb
$0.99 / lb
Case of Organic & Fair Trade Bananas (Ecuador)

Product Details

Approx. 80-120 bananas, 40 lb per case

These Organic & Fair Trade Bananas grown by El Guabo (one of Equal Exchange's farmer partners) are a perfectly healthy on-the-go snack, a naturally sweet base to your morning smoothie. If all else fails, they're the frozen inspiration behind your next batch of banana bread. With a full case, you'll have bananas for days! 

We've heard from hundreds of you that you'd love for us to offer Bananas, and we're proud to offer now a very different kind of banana than what you'll generally find at the supermarket. These ethically-grown bananas are not a product of the prevailing global banana industry, which has historically and recently been responsible for ecological, social, and political havoc in regions of the world in which bananas grow.

If Equal Exchange's bananas are unexpectedly unavailable, you may receive bananas from another organic & fair trade certified farm.

Please note that our bananas may arrive on the greener side for optimal freshness and quality. To speed up the ripening process, we recommend leaving the bananas at room temperature for a few days or placing them in a paper bag with an apple or ripe banana. However, please be aware that individual banana ripening can vary due to factors such as temperature and humidity.

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