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Buttermilk Blue Cheese Crumbles

4 oz
$0.94 / oz
Buttermilk Blue Cheese Crumbles

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Made in small batches from the freshest milk, our rich, creamy blue is beautifully balanced, sultry and seductive, with piquant and earthy flavors. Delicately laced and veined. Higher butterfat for the creamiest texture. Tangy with a touch of mellow. Bold with a bit of restraint. Finishes clean and sweet. Roth Buttermilk Blue lets you experience and explore the deliciously creamy, tangy tastes that can only come ?from our little corner of the world. Perfect form mixing into salads, crumbling over steaks and burgers, and making the best blue cheese dip or dressing. Pairs perfectly with raw veggies, figs, pears, dark chocolate, and Riesling.

Ingredients: Raw cultured cow's milk, salt, enzymes, penicillium roqueforti.

Contains milk

About The Producer

Emmi Roth
Monroe, WI
At Emmi Roth USA, we believe in respect for the people, land and animals that make our cheese possible. We believe that everyone deserves to eat great cheese. From imported specialties of Emmi Switzerland to adventurous originals of Roth Wisconsin we are committed to tradition and innovation, we craft only the highest quality, best tasting specialty cheeses.Read more