El Pintor

Tequila Blanco

750 ml
Tequila Blanco

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El pintor blanco is a truly work of art. The amount of cooked agave notes its just a one of a kind. We start our process by selecting only ripe blue agaves from a single state in the low lands, near the tequila volcano. Our cooking process is done in a traditional brick oven. Afterwards we grind the agave in two parts: 1 part goes to our traditional tahona and the 2nd part goes to a mechanical mill. Afterwards we ferment the cooked juice with fibers . to finish we make a double distillation in stainless steel pots with cooper coil. It's finished at 84 proof, just ideal for cocktail making and agave aficionados.

Ingredients: Blue Weber Agave, Local Spring Water

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El Pintor
Jalisco, Mexico
El Pintor, a collection of artisanal agave spirits, was masterfully crafted by Guillermo Barroso, the second certified Maestro Tequilero in the world. With a commitment to delivering exceptional agave spirits of high complexity, El Pintor aims to enhance the experience of agave enthusiasts.Read more