Ellenos Yogurt

Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt

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Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt

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Ellenos Passionfruit Greek Yogurt is a true classic that's been delighting taste buds since its introduction in 2013. Co-founder Alex's favorite flavor, this naturally sweet-and-tart yogurt is a delicious treat for your senses. The fresh yogurt perfectly complements the bold flavor of the passion fruit, and the seeds add a fun texture and crunch that we're obsessed with. When searching for the best passion fruit for their yogurt, the co-founders faced some challenges, but their determination led them to Ecuadorian purple passion fruit, which turned out to be the perfect match. Whether you enjoy it with banana slices on top or create your own delicious combinations, Ellenos Passionfruit Greek Yogurt is a must-try.

Ingredients: Yogurt (Grade A Pasteurized Milk, Live And Active Cultures [S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei], Cane Sugar, Honey), Passionfruit Puree (Passionfruit, Citrus Fiber).

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Ellenos Yogurt
Federal Way, WA
Ellenos is a yogurt brand rooted in a family tradition of yogurt-making. With a Greek heritage, the founders grew up making yogurt at home, perfecting the creamy, sweet, and tart blend. Inspired by their obsession with yogurt, they decided to share their delicious creation with the world. Ellenos Yogurt offers a fresh and pure yogurt experience crafted with love and passion.Read more