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Eji's Ethiopian Cuisine

Eji's Ethiopian Cuisine

San Francisco, CA
In early 2011, I decided to follow my passion and launched my small food business, Eji's Ethiopian. I was brought up learning family recipes, which is how I learned to cook one of my favorite dishes 'miser wot' - spicy red lentil sauce; it is now my signature dish.   We now offer cooking classes as well as catering and lunch drop off.

The dishes are cooked at La Cocina's commericial kitchen where I learned the tools to become a successful small food business owner. Now chef and owner of Eji's Ethiopian, I offer amazing Ethiopian vegan dishes including variety of legumes, tofu, and vegetables. The menu changes at least 2 times a month as we offer seasonal vegetables and dishes from different regions of Ethiopia. We mostly serve the traditional fermented teff injera which is gluten free. All sauces are slowly simmered with caramelized onions and Ethiopian spices using family recipes with love and the freshest ingredients.

All Ethiopian vegan dishes are traditionally served with injera, a la carte or as injera rolls/injera wraps with choice of sauce. Enjoy!
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