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Eco Farms

Organic Small Fuerte Avocado

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Organic Small Fuerte Avocado

Product Details

Approx. 0.4-0.45 lb per avocado
The Fuerte Avocado is your grandmother's avocado.  In fact, it wasn't so long ago that the Hass held little to no commercial appeal because it turned black when ripe.  In the 1950s, before the Hass reigned supreme, the Fuerte accounted for nearly two-thirds of all California avocado production, so people were more used to this thinner- and green-skinned avocado.  And even though the Hass is pretty much the only domestic avocado you find anymore outside of California and Florida, the Fuerte has a thriving fan club in the Golden State.  Once you spread some creamy Fuerte goodness over a thick slab of hearty toast, you'll understand why.

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About The Producer

Eco Farms
Temecula, CA
Eco Farms is an organic grower of avocados and citrus in Riverside and San Diego Counties. Partners Steve Taft and Norman Traner have been strong advocates of natural farming since the early 1970's, using biological fertilizers and avoiding the use of pesticides whenever possible.Read more