Ebb Filter

Ebb Filter

Oakland, CA

Geana Sieburger, the founder and owner of Ebb Filter, grew up in Brazil where her grandmothers brewed coffee with cloth filters long before single-use products were ever available. She combined those childhood memories with her decades of experience in the textile industry and the expertise of brilliant partners in specialty coffee to create a cloth filter that's organic, ethically sourced, ethically produced, and made right here in Oakland, California.

Ebb Filter's reusable organic cotton coffee filters are made with organic cotton that's grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative and is woven in South Carolina. They believe that knowing the makers of textile goods is as important as understanding the route of food from farm to table. By making products at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, Ebb Filter's mission is to contribute to environmental restoration and a more equitable fashion and textile industry.

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Reusable No. 4 Coffee Filter
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