Kyoto Style Drip Coffee

3 liter
$0.39 / fl oz
Kyoto Style Drip Coffee

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About 13 servings, shelf stable. Refrigerate once opened for up to 14 days.
Your favorite Kyoto style drip coffee now comes in a larger size! Each box contains about 13 servings so you can stay caffeinated all week long. The box is 8.625 inches tall and should fit into your fridge, it also comes with a handy spout for easy pouring. Have it straight up or with a splash of your favorite creamer. 

coffee, water.

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About The Producer

Palo Alto, CA
Dripdash Kyoto Style Coffee is made without any sugar or preservatives, and has a dense body with low acidity, no bitterness, and a natural caffeine content to help keep you moving.Read more