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Adaptogenic Mushroom Cola

12 oz
Adaptogenic Mushroom Cola

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To make this super special drink we poured through historic records, until we found what is believed to be the first ever printed recipe for Cola in American History. We then took that recipe, modernized it and added our own twist – a dose of 4 adaptogenic mushrooms – Shitake, Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga for immunity and brain health.

The result is a very refreshing and perfectly spiced sparkling Cola that is zero calories, and free of any weird colors, synthetic flavorings or fake sweeteners. We have crafted this recipe just like we do everything else around here – using whole organic roots, flowers, leaves, barks and mushrooms. We’re a bit obsessed, and very proud of this formula!

Ingredients: purified carbonated water, non-gmo glycerin, *shitake, *lions mane, *reishi, *cordyceps, *nutmeg, *coriander, *cinnamon, *vanilla bean, *lime peel, *lemon peel, *orange blossom, *beech tree spirit essence, *lemon salt

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About The Producer

Salida, CO
DRAM is a unique beverage company rooted in a Colorado ghost town, founded in 2011 by a botanist and a designer duo, Shae and Brady. They stand out for creating functional drinks using real botanical extracts, without "natural flavoring," from plants grown on their rural homestead. Award-winning packaging and a commitment to sustainable practices underscore their dedication to quality and plant magic.Read more