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Bulk Organic Meyer Lemons


3 lb
$4.66 / lb
Bulk Organic Meyer Lemons

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Approx. 12-15 lemons per 3 lb
These Organic Meyers are super sweet, with enough acidity to remind you they're definitely still lemons. Their zest and juice are perfect for baking, making cocktails, and finishing off a salad dressing. Meyer Lemons are sweeter and more fragrant than other varieties of lemons, with a slightly lower but perfectly balanced acid content, making them exceptional in flavor for lemonade and juicing.

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About The Producer

DMS Ranch
Sebastopol, CA
DMS Ranch grows the finest organic Meyer Lemons. Our ranch is nestled in the hills of Western Sonoma County where the soil and sun create a special microclimate blessed with ocean breezes in the summer and mild winters. DMS Ranch is dedicated to true organic principles. As such, we manage our Organic Meyer Lemons without any sprays, and we use only 100% organic fertilizers. Our Meyer Lemons are never stored, so they are always delivered at the peak of their ripeness. Read more