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Diplomático Rum

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum

750 ml
Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum

Product Details

Diplomático Reserva Rum stands as one of the world's favorite super-premium sipping rums, celebrated for its signature smoothness and exceptional balance. This refined and elegant blend, with 40% alcohol per volume, is crafted from exclusive rum reserves, resulting in a multi-award-winning spirit. Delight in the aromatic symphony of orange peel, toffee, and licorice, embodying a signature smooth taste. With its unique body and excellent balance, this rum is a true reference for fine spirits enthusiasts worldwide. Enjoy it neat or in sophisticated cocktails to elevate your sipping experience.

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About The Producer

Diplomático Rum
Caracas, Venezuela
Diplomático Rum epitomizes the pinnacle of passion and craftsmanship in the world of rum. With years of experience and a commitment to tradition, Diplomático creates distinctive and complex rums, renowned for their smooth signature taste. This collection of rums, shaped by a unique and versatile blending tradition, is perfect for sipping or elevating elegant cocktails. Read more