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Diestel Turkey

Regeneratively Raised Whole Turkey (16-18 lb)

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Regeneratively Raised Whole Turkey (16-18 lb)

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Good Eggs is thrilled to present the Diestel Turkey Regeneratively Raised Whole Turkey, a turkey that's not only a feast for the taste buds but a triumph for the planet. Part of a comprehensive regenerative program, these turkeys graze on rotational plots of land that are nourished with nutrient-dense compost and enjoy rest periods spanning 2 to 8 months. The health of the soil is closely monitored, ensuring it becomes more fertile and actively contributes to combating climate change by sequestering carbon, enhancing water retention, and preventing erosion.

But the benefits don't stop there. These turkeys deliver a tender, juicy, and rich flavor that will leave even the most discerning foodie astounded. In essence, it's a turkey that impresses both the food enthusiasts and the environmental advocates at your Thanksgiving table. Good Eggs is proud to offer this eco-conscious and palate-pleasing turkey as the centerpiece for your most exceptional Thanksgiving meal yet.

Ingredients: Turkey.

Note: your fresh turkey may arrive hard-chilled (chilled at ~28° F) for safe shipping.

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Diestel Turkey
Sonora, CA
Diestel Turkey is a family-owned and operated ranch that produces organic turkeys in the Northern California foothills since 1949 with a commitment to strict animal welfare and environmental standards.Read more