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Diaspora Co. Baking Set

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Diaspora Co. Baking Set

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Five spice jars set

Diaspora Co. has gathered all of its baking and warming spices for your holiday and winter baking needs. While these will help you make the best-spiced cookies, cakes, and more, they're also wonderful in various savory dishes (including the best biryani ever)!

This set contains:

  • Anamalai Mace (13g) for a floral, aromatic taste similar to nutmeg, that is beautiful in baked goods.
  • Makhir Ginger (35g) for a powder as pungent as fresh ginger that you can use for ginger cookies or in a soy marinade in place of fresh ginger.
  • Hariyali Fennel (53g) for a deeply fresh and licoricey fennel you can use in baking or spice rubs.
  • Kandyan Cloves (40g) for the plumpest whole cloves you've ever seen, to add to baked goods or mulled cider.
  • Peni Miris Cinnamon (45g) to add a sweet and spicy note to your baking, coffee, or curries.
  • Anamalai Nutmeg (40g) for wildly aromatic notes of tobacco, menthol, and sweet potato, perfect for eggnog or a bolognese sauce.

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Diaspora Co.
Oakland, CA
Diaspora Co. sources single-estate, heirloom varieties of spices directly from small family farms across India, in partnership with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Read more