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Del Pacifico

Fair Trade Wild Mexican Shrimp Burger Patties (Frozen)

4 count
$12.99 / lb
Fair Trade Wild Mexican Shrimp Burger Patties (Frozen)

Product Details

4 burger patties per 1 lb
Made from Del Pacifico's own sustainably wild-caught blue shrimp, these burgers are a fun and healthy alternative to the classic burger night. Made with whole shrimp (not ground) and no artificial colors or flavors, all they need is a few minutes per side on the grill or in a cast-iron pan before they hit the plate. You can even cook them right from frozen! A squeeze of lemon and a little peppery arugula and dinner's served.

Ingredients: wild-caught shrimp, black pepper, garlic, sesame oil.
Contains: crustacean shellfish, sesame.

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About The Producer

Del Pacifico
Hermosa Beach, CA
Del Pacifico is dedicated to offering sustainable, fair trade, low-environmental-impact seafood. Their shrimp meet rigorous Fair Trade USA standards in production and trade, including the protection of fundamental human rights and responsible use of the natural environment.Read more