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Organic Buddha's Hand Citron

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Organic Buddha's Hand Citron

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Approx. 0.8-1.6 lbs per fruit
What the Buddha's Hand Citron lacks in edible flesh, it more than makes up for in intoxicating aroma, powerful zest, and other-worldly appearance.

Besides making an awesome centerpiece for your dining room table, Buddha's Hand Citrons can be used to add a zesty kick to desserts, to infuse into vodka, or candied.

Each fruit looks a bit different (some have fingers that are more closed, and others are wildly flailing about), but all are beautiful in their own unique ways!

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About The Producer

Deer Creek Heights Ranch
Porterville, CA
Lisle Babcock of Terra Bella, California, is a grower who knows his stuff and always stays on the cutting edge. He has made the transition to organic and is always planting the latest and greatest citrus. He hand picks his oranges, and uses a horsehair brush to clean them and let them 'breathe.' Let Lisle and his family delight you with their wonderful varieties throughout the year!Read more