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Everyday Seasoning

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Everyday Seasoning

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The Everyday Seasoning by Daybreak Seaweed Co. represents a nourishing West Coast twist on traditional seasoning salts. Crafted in collaboration with Boonville Barn Collective, this blend combines nutrient-packed Organic West Coast seaweed, harvested from pristine oceans, with California chile peppers, garlic, onions, and sea salt. The result is a seasoning that brings forth mild heat, umami richness, and a satisfying garlic crunch. It's the go-to spice that elevates your grilling adventures, simplifies salad dressings, enhances roasted vegetables, and adds a delightful twist to your toasts.

Ingredients: seaweed*, onion*, garlic*, piment d'ville chile powder, sea salt, (*organic)

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Daybreak Seaweed Co.
San Diego, CA
Daybreak Seaweed Co. is a women-owned business with a simple yet impactful mission: to make West Coast seaweed a staple in every kitchen. They've harnessed the incredible potential of seaweed, not just for its umami-rich flavor but also for its essential nutrients like iodine. Partnering directly with West Coast seaweed farmers who practice regenerative farming, they craft sustainable, nutrient-packed seasonings that enhance the taste of dishes. These seasonings feature premium ingredients such as roasted sesame seeds, smoked red jalapeno chile flakes, and California garlic, with a commitment to producing food that's regeneratively grown, free from artificial additives, and beneficial for both people and the planet.Read more