Daybreak Seaweed Co.

Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning

1.5 oz
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Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning

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1.5 oz jar

Daybreak Seaweed Co. presents the Chipotle Seaweed Seasoning, a genuine West Coast fusion. This unique blend delivers a delightful smoky flavor complemented by a pop of spice, an earthy heat, and just the right touch of umami. It's an unexpected combination that consistently adds depth and richness to dishes. Whether sprinkled on grilled and steamed veggies, used as a dry rub for meats and fish, or incorporated into pizza, pasta, and even jalapeño margaritas, this seasoning promises to infuse your culinary creations with a reliably 'wow' factor. Ingredients: red pepper & seaweed (Alaska Wakame)

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Daybreak Seaweed Co.
San Diego, CA
Daybreak Seaweed Co. is a women-owned business with a simple yet impactful mission: to make West Coast seaweed a staple in every kitchen. They've harnessed the incredible potential of seaweed, not just for its umami-rich flavor but also for its essential nutrients like iodine. Partnering directly with West Coast seaweed farmers who practice regenerative farming, they craft sustainable, nutrient-packed seasonings that enhance the taste of dishes. These seasonings feature premium ingredients such as roasted sesame seeds, smoked red jalapeno chile flakes, and California garlic, with a commitment to producing food that's regeneratively grown, free from artificial additives, and beneficial for both people and the planet.Read more