Dashfire Bitters

Orange Bitters

100 ml
Orange Bitters

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Dashfire's Orange Bitters, a vibrant and versatile addition to your cocktail repertoire. Crafted with precision by Dashfire, these bitters are bursting with the zesty essence of oranges, adding depth and complexity to your favorite drinks. Whether you're crafting a classic cocktail like a Negroni or experimenting with new creations, Dashfire's Orange Bitters provide the perfect balance of citrusy brightness and aromatic complexity. Elevate your mixology game and awaken your taste buds with Dashfire's Orange Bitters – the essential ingredient for crafting cocktails that stand out from the crowd.

Ingredients: alcohol, orange rind, spices, water

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Dashfire Bitters
Minneapolis, MN
Dashfire Bitters is renowned for offering the largest selection of bitters in the world, a testament to the brand's commitment to variety and quality. Founded by Lee and Dawn Egbert, a dynamic duo bringing together operational, financial, and creative expertise, Dashfire is a family-run business that has expanded from its roots in bitters to include cocktails, spirits, and coffees. Their products, celebrated for being Non-GMO, Kosher, and Organic, are the result of Lee's extensive travels and deep dive into the flavors and spices of diverse cultures. Dashfire's mission is to enrich the creativity of makers everywhere by providing an expansive palette of flavors, akin to an artist's full spectrum of colors.Read more