Coconut Sticky Rice Chips

3.5 oz
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Coconut Sticky Rice Chips

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3.5 oz
Dang's Coconut Sticky Rice Chips are savory, crunchy, chewy, and a little sweet. Made with toasted organic rice, coconut milk, and Dang's own crunchy-sweet toasted coconut chips, these are a better-for-you snack that'll satisfy your crunchy cravings. Set out in the afternoon with tea, tuck into lunchboxes and desk drawers, or serve up on movie night as a fun (and gluten-free!) snack.

Ingredients: organic rice, palm fruit oil, coconut chips (coconut, cane sugar, salt), coconut sugar, cane sugar, coconut milk, watermelon juice, sesame seeds, salt.
Contains: tree nuts, sesame.

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About The Producer

Berkeley, CA
Dang is named after the founder's mother, Mama Dang. They love delicious, nutritious snacks and are dedicated to sharing them with the world!Read more