Dandelion Chocolate

House Hot Chocolate Mix

4.6 oz

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House Hot Chocolate Mix

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One 4.6 oz bottle, makes 4 servings

Dandelion Chocolate's House Hot Chocolate Mix is a decadent blend crafted for the ultimate hot chocolate experience. Savor the richness of classic Hot Chocolate, made from the finest 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador single-origin chocolate. Each bottle contains a carefully curated mix to recreate the velvety goodness of our house hot chocolate drinks at home. The elegant corked bottle, designed in collaboration with industrial designer Remy Labesque, adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. With each bottle yielding four servings, indulge in the perfect balance of sweetness and deep chocolate flavor. A functional and beautiful object, it's not just a mix but an experience in every pour.

Ingredients: 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), organic cane sugar

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Dandelion Chocolate
San Francisco, CA
Each Dandelion Chocolate bar is crafted to preserve the characteristics and nuanced flavors of its single origin.Read more