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Daily Driver

Wood-Fired Organic Everything Bagels

4 count

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Wood-Fired Organic Everything Bagels

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Four bagels

Daily Driver Wood-Fired Organic Everything Bagels are a tribute to the Bay Area community, thoughtfully crafted with a nod to cherished bagel memories. These bagels redefine the classic Everything Bagel, delivering an enticing combination of flavors and textures that pay homage to the diverse tastes of the region. Each bagel is meticulously hand-rolled, boasting a satisfyingly crunchy exterior that gives way to a chewy, yeasty interior. The aroma of malted goodness fills the air, promising a delightful experience with every bite. Made using the highest quality organic ingredients, these bagels strike a harmonious balance between simplicity and complexity. Adorned with a generous blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and sea salt, these Everything Bagels capture the essence of the beloved classic in a way that's uniquely Daily Driver.

Ingredients: organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, water, sourdough (organic wheat flour, water), "ancient" sea salt, organic barely malt, organic yeast

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Daily Driver
San Francisco, CA
Daily Driver makes butter, cream cheese, quark, and ghee in their San Francisco creamery using single-origin A2 casein organic Jersey milk from nearby Silva Family Dairy.Read more