Cultural Roots Nursery

Cultural Roots Nursery

Oakland, CA

Cultural Roots Nursery's mission is to grow a diverse and culturally relevant selection of vegetables, herbs, and trees for the communities they serve. By increasing the availability and accessibility of these heritage plants, Cultural Roots Nursery hopes to strengthen the local food system and empower others to grow their own ancestral foods.

Li and Zee met in 2018 at an agricultural conference at UC Davis where they both went to graduate school. They serendipitously met again while moving into the same house, where they lived together for nearly 2 years. They quickly bonded over exploring their cultural heritage through their love of plants and cooking family recipes. Their backyard garden became a fertile ground to experiment with growing their favorite cultural foods.

Cultural Roots Nursery came into being when they realized their passion for growing heritage plants and sharing them with their local community. They hope that by increasing the availability and diversity of these plants they can inspire others to reconnect to the land and their respective cultural identities and practices. Their goal is to help strengthen a food system that acknowledges and celebrates diversity and makes it more accessible to all. They will maintain an open dialogue with the community to keep learning and to support people in their journey with gardening and cultural preservation.

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