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Crespo Organic Mangoes

Organic Large Mallika Mango Trio (Mexico)


3 count
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Organic Large Mallika Mango Trio (Mexico)

Product Details

Approx. 0.7-0.75 lb per mango

Mallika Mangos are elongated mangos that came from the hybridization of Indian mango varieties. They are exceptionally sweet and have prominent citrus, melon, and honey notes. They are fantastic for smoothies, salads, and even just for snacking! Slice one open and grab a spoon for this delicious tropical treat.

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About The Producer

Crespo Organic Mangoes
Rosario, Sinaloa, MX
Crespo Organic Mangoes is the organic mango label behind Grupo Crespo, Mexico's premier direct-trade grower of Mangos.Read more