Cooks Venture Pasture-Raised Chicken

Cooks Venture Pasture-Raised Chicken

NW, Arkansas

Cooks Venture breeds and raises a slow-growth, heirloom chicken, taking into account the health of the animal and the health of the environment. They are the only independent breeder without ties to the two globally consolidated genetics companies. Their breed, the Pioneer, is an heirloom chicken bred for stronger immune system, bone density, and health, ability to digest a more diverse diet grown in regenerative systems, and thrives outdoors. Additionally, the bird has the best taste and texture available. The Pioneer is a three-way cross with the heritage Transylvania Naked Neck, the heritage Delaware and a Peterson family line from the 1940s. This is in stark contrast to the industrial-bred and factory-farmed chickens that dominate the broiler industry. Core to their mission is advancing regenerative agriculture. They partner with regional farmers to build regenerative systems to grow a diverse mix of non-GMO feed blends for their chickens.

The farm is located on 800, forested acres in the beautiful foothills of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas. We're located in the “pasture belt,” a perfect region for raising birds outdoors year-round as well as close proximity to our feed farmers.

Cooks Venture is a Global Animal Partnership Step 4 certified company, which is the animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program. They are Certified Humane and verified Non-GMO.

They are proud to announce their meat has been tested by new business FoodID, co-founded by Bill Niman. FoodID tests for the presence of antibiotics and other adulterants in the comprehensive and rigorous process. Cooks Venture is now the only company that can independently validate that it never uses antibiotics and provides verified Non-GMO feed to its birds.

Our chickens are pasture-raised, heirloom birds fed a diet of non-GMO feed. They are on pasture 365 days a year. Every step - from breeding, raising our birds on pasture, to implementing regenerative agriculture systems - contributes to the amazing flavor of our chickens. We work with nature, not fight against it. And you can taste the difference.

Cooks Venture’s mission is nothing short of re-imaging animal agriculture and building a truly transparent, regenerative supply chain for the future. In pursuing their mission, Cooks Venture has developed a chicken yielding strikingly better taste, markedly improved animal welfare for their birds, strong natural pathogenic resistance for food systems (no antibiotics or other adulterants) and demand for regenerative agricultural crops.

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