Coffee Manufactory

02 Filter Coffee Beans

12 oz
$22.65 / lb
02 Filter Coffee Beans

Product Details

  • 50% Honduras Santa Ana
  • 50% Ethiopia Duromina Lot # 4

Honduras Santa Ana

  • Producers: Multiple Producer Lot
  • Region: Santa Ana
  • Elevation: 1650 masl
  • Varieties:  Lempira, Catuai, Ihcafe
  • Process: Washed

Ethiopia Duromina Lot #3

  • Cooperative: Duromina
  • Region: Jimma
  • Elevation: 1980 masl
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Puff pastry, bakers chocolate, strawberry

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Coffee Manufactory
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Coffee Manufactory was born from a conversation about what is possible in coffee. With over two decades of green coffee supply chain experience we hope to look at new ways to work with producers through our buying practices, multi-platform roasting strategies, and interconnected retail and supply chain collaboration.Read more