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00 Decaf Coffee Beans

12 oz
$23.98 / lb
00 Decaf Coffee Beans

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The 00 Decaf series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory changes the source of their coffee beans. 

The current seasonal offering is 100% Colombia Risaralda.  

As the specialty coffee market continues to evolve, more attention has been placed on high-quality decaffeinated coffee, which for decades has been an afterthought in globally traded commodity markets.

Our new decaffeinated offering, 00 Colombia Risaralda, is a shining example of how quality sourcing combined with an innovative decaffeination process can create something extraordinary.

Our 00 is grown in the municipality of Quinchía, also known as Villa de los Cerros (Village of Hills), in the department of Risaralda, Colombia. Because of Quinchía's close proximity to Caldas, the coffees here are often purchased by a Cooperative named Alto Occidente de Caldas.

Alto Occidente de Caldas enables farmers to develop their production and processing systems by allowing them to gain access to agronomical education, water treatment resources and loans for equipment. Aside from enabling farmers with tools to improve the coffee value chain, cooperatives help farmers gain access to a greater network of buyers.

Typically, decaffeination is achieved via soaking unroasted, green coffee for extended periods of time in a water solution of Green Coffee Extract (GCE). GCE is a solution containing the all the water-soluble components of green coffee except the caffeine. By soaking caffeinated green coffee in this solution, the caffeine compounds eliminate themselves. Besides removing caffeine, this process also aggressively strips away solubles and key flavor elements, like sugars and acids, from the coffee into the water.

Our decaffeination is achieved via naturally fermenting sugar cane. This fermentation naturally produces ethyl acetate, which promotes a more gentle extraction of caffeine and reintegration of coffee solubles, ensuring that more inherent coffee qualities remain.

Instead of completely stripping the coffee, this clever application of cane sugar fermentation preserves balanced flavors of dark chocolate boysenberry, raspberry, and a delicate lemon acidity. The body is smooth and grounded by a milk chocolate sweetness.

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