Organic Chia Face Oil

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Organic Chia Face Oil

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1 oz bottle

cocokind Organic Chia Face Oil is the secret to achieving soothed, hydrated and supple-looking skin. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, this replenishing facial oil works wonders in nourishing and restoring your skin's healthy appearance. Experience velvety, rich hydration that leaves your face feeling blissfully soft and revitalized. Every morning and night, after cleansing and toning, simply massage 2-3 drops of this elixir into your skin, and let the magic unfold. Elevate your skincare journey with cocokind Organic Chia Face Oil and bask in the radiant glow it brings to your complexion.

Ingredients: Salvia Hispanica (Virgin Chia Seed) Oil*, Infused Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile) Flowers*

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San Francisco, CA
cocokind is a beauty brand that aims to change the beauty industry's status quo and promote inclusivity and self-acceptance. Founded by a woman who personally struggled with skin issues, cocokind focuses on offering gentle and effective skincare solutions at fair prices. Their product line includes formulas that provide hydration, skin barrier support, and promote glowy, happy skin. The brand also prioritizes sustainability and holds itself accountable for measuring and reducing its carbon footprint.Read more