Cocobear Organic

Organic Nam Hom Coconut (Thailand)

16 oz
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Organic Nam Hom Coconut (Thailand)

Product Details

One 16 oz coconut and one bamboo straw, arrives frozen

Cocobear Coconuts offer a delightful tropical experience with easy access and refreshing hydration. With de-husked and pre-scored coconuts, opening them becomes simple and enjoyable. Sip on the liquid gold of coconut water, and savor the fresh, tender meat by cracking the coconut open. Cocobears are flash-frozen soon after harvest, ensuring their natural goodness is preserved until you're ready to enjoy them.

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About The Producer

Cocobear Organic
Ratchaburi, Thailand
Cocobear is the world’s first frozen-fresh organic coconut. It’s a drink, snack and ingredient in one tasty and sustainable package. We harvest only organic Nam Hom coconuts, a uniquely fragrant and tasty variety grown in Thailand. Our fresh-frozen, premium selection deliver the same experience as people who live in coconut-growing regions. That means the most refreshing flavor and exceptional nutrition straight from the shell. Cocobear is fanatical about coconuts. We harvest our coconuts young so that the meat is thin and the water is dense with nutrients. We believe that Mother Nature created the best possible packaging for this tempting tropical treat, so we leave the refreshing water and nutritious meat inside ⎯ untouched, uncompromised and undeniably delicious.Read more